Sep. 5th, 2016

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Hello everyone! This is a fandom primer/pimping post for the grand sport of pole vault and its athletes. It's been great fun to put together and I hope it's enjoyable and/or useful! :)

Pole vault (prosaic): An athlete sprints down a track carrying a pole. At the end of the track, they plant the pole in the box, transferring their momentum into the pole and using it to soar into the air. At the peak of their ascent, they let go of the pole and attempt to clear a bar without knocking it down.

Pole vault (poetic):

Intro )

The Legends )

Renaud Lavillenie )

In Part 2 of this fandom primer/pimping post, we'll meet all the other vaulters who are chasing Renaud! :D Including, but not limited to, Renaud's baby brother Valentin.

On to Part 2!
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Part 1: Intro, Legends, & Renaud Lavillenie

On to male vaulters not named Renaud! Though there's one more Lavillenie...

Valentin Lavillenie )

Thiago Braz da Silva )

Sam Kendricks )

Shawnacy Barber )

Raphael Holzdeppe )

Piotr Lisek )

Robert Sobera )

Konstadinos Filippidis )

Jan Kudlička )

Paweł Wojciechowski )

Stanley Joseph )

Kévin Menaldo )

Kévin Mayer )

In the final part of this fandom primer/pimping post, I'll move on to look at women's pole vault! Post-Isinbayeva, there are some exciting young athletes poised to make their mark.

On to Part Three! (work in progress!!)


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