Sep. 27th, 2016

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Hello, I’m [ profile] polkad0tting (polkadot on AO3). Welcome to my little sports-crazy world! (I am generally pretty sports-crazy anyway, and it’s an Olympics year, so I’m super sports-crazy right now.) You’re already my new favorite person for volunteering to write one of my fandoms. Please don’t be worried about writing for me – I’m very easy to please. :)

I have lots of old letters from many different exchanges, so if you’d like more insight and/or ideas about what I enjoy (particularly in sports-fic), please do feel free to poke through them. I generally talk a LOT, because I am a chatty person and have lots of feelings, haha.

Basics: Like and squick lists )

My requests:

* Men’s Pole Vault RPF (Renaud Lavillenie, Valentin Lavillenie)
* Men’s Gymnastics RPF (Kohei Uchimura, Oleg Verniaiev, Kenzo Shirai, Nikita Nagornyy)
* Diving RPF (Chen Aisen, Qiu Bo)
* Swimming RPF (Le Clos, Ledecky, Manuel, Adrian)
* Track RPF (De Grasse, Bolt, Van Niekerk)

Fandom: Men’s Pole Vault RPF )

Fandom: Men’s Gymnastics RPF )

Fandom: Diving RPF )

Fandom: Swimming RPF )

Fandom: Track RPF )


Whew, that’s all the fandoms! Sorry that my letter’s such a behemoth – I have lots of feelings, haha. Hopefully something in here has given you an idea! Remember, you’re awesome. :) Thanks again!!


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