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Stan and his Frenchies!

So, you all know already how I feel about the Stan/Benoît ship. It’s what got me into writing tennis fic in the first place; I will always and forever love it tremendously, write it, and read each and every fic that everyone writes in it.

But at the same time, I’m totally not an OTP-er, and Stan is pretty much my fandom bicycle. (Along with Rafa.) I’ll read him shipped with anyone! (I take that back. Not Nick Kyrgios or Donna Vekic, for diverse reasons.) He’s so friendly with almost everyone on tour, and has such flirty touchy-feely banter with people, that how can you not have ship-goggles when you see him?

(See for example: Roger & Stan’s celebrations after winning Olympics doubles gold and the Davis Cup title (and just them in general). Novak pinching Stan’s butt as he passed Stan during an interview (and other bromantic moments, as well as Stan teasing him by giving him a mini version of the famous shorts). Stan absolutely hosing Ferru down with champagne after a final they played against each other. Stan’s constant smiley flirty banter with French-speaking umpires. Stan cuddling Seve and dipping him in a dramatic hug after Davis Cup. All the horsing around and intimate looks and hilarious moments and cuddles and celebratory hugs he and Magnus do. ETC.)

SOOOO. I recently donated in the Fight Back Fic auction, and decided to ask for a fic of either Stan/Jo or Stan/Gaël. Since they’re such rarepairs, my writer asked for me to talk a bit about their relationships, and thus this squee post/ship primer was born! :)

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Part 1: Intro, Legends, & Renaud Lavillenie
Part 2: The Rest of Men's Pole Vault

Time to move on to the women's game! :)

I talked about Yelena Isinbayeva in Part 1. She hasn't won a World Championships since 2013, but still, her presence in the sport has always been huge. With her retirement, we officially move to a post-Isinbayeva era, and it's going to be really interesting to see the new generation stepping up.

Jennifer Suhr )

Sandi Morris )

Ekaterini Stefanidi )

Eliza McCartney )

Yarisley Silva )

Fabiana Murer )

Alana Boyd )

Holly (Bleasdale) Bradshaw )

Demi Payne )

I hope you've enjoyed this fandom primer/pimping post! ♥ If you have any questions, want me to add another vaulter, and/or have any corrections, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 2017 is going to be a great year for pole vault, I can feel it in my bones! :)
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Part 1: Intro, Legends, & Renaud Lavillenie

On to male vaulters not named Renaud! Though there's one more Lavillenie...

Valentin Lavillenie )

Thiago Braz da Silva )

Sam Kendricks )

Shawnacy Barber )

Raphael Holzdeppe )

Piotr Lisek )

Robert Sobera )

Konstadinos Filippidis )

Jan Kudlička )

Paweł Wojciechowski )

Stanley Joseph )

Kévin Menaldo )

Kévin Mayer )

In the final part of this fandom primer/pimping post, I'll move on to look at women's pole vault! Post-Isinbayeva, there are some exciting young athletes poised to make their mark.

On to Part Three! (work in progress!!)
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Hello everyone! This is a fandom primer/pimping post for the grand sport of pole vault and its athletes. It's been great fun to put together and I hope it's enjoyable and/or useful! :)

Pole vault (prosaic): An athlete sprints down a track carrying a pole. At the end of the track, they plant the pole in the box, transferring their momentum into the pole and using it to soar into the air. At the peak of their ascent, they let go of the pole and attempt to clear a bar without knocking it down.

Pole vault (poetic):

Intro )

The Legends )

Renaud Lavillenie )

In Part 2 of this fandom primer/pimping post, we'll meet all the other vaulters who are chasing Renaud! :D Including, but not limited to, Renaud's baby brother Valentin.

On to Part 2!
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Here we go, it's the Women's Tennis Primer! :)

Just in time to promote women's tennis for Yuletide - because you should definitely, definitely consider requesting and/or writing it. It's the best. (I may be biased.) Women's tennis seldom gets written, and yet it has all the elements for fantastic fic - amazing women, great sports narratives, close friendships (I refuse to use the word "sismance"), canon lesbians (including one with the cutest baby ever!), stirring rivalries, all sorts of different personalities, a wide range of body types (seriously, whatever your type, we've got you covered!), drama, glory, laughter, revenge - oh, and best friends who totally take you out to go bikini-sunbathing and dancing and drinking after your jerkass fiance dumps you over the phone the weekend your wedding invitations go out (the evilness!)

Now, I for one am extremely excited at the prospect of receiving and/or writing femslash for this fandom. Caro/Serena, bonding and falling in love (or having NSA sex) after Rory-the-douchebag dumps Caro? A five-times story with Aga and her flirtations & crushes? Laura & Genie being teenage girlfriends (whether or not this incorporates and/or is a fixit for their RL breakup)? Sam/Simmone long-term-relationship fic that has a lot of tennis and other Aussies and adventures? Vika & Maria adding frisson to their rivalry in bed? Vika & Laura bonding over their awesome braided hairstyles? Aga & Caro friends-to-lovers fic? SO MANY OPTIONS.

But even if you don't write/request femslash, or just aren't feeling it right now, there are plenty of opportunities for great gen stories as well! So many rivalries, so much tennis, and so many friendships. If you are into gen, this is totally a primer for you too! (And if you request it, I will probably, uh, gush all over you and write you a treat. Because you have no idea how excited I am about this fandom, lol. GIVE ME THAT WTA.)

Sorry, I'm far too longwinded! Moving on to the actual primer part now!

Disclaimer: First, I’m just one fan. My impressions of your favorite player may be different than yours – feel free to chime in on the comments and I’ll incorporate your thoughts! Second, I don’t know any of these players personally, and nothing is implied about their actual personalities, habits, or relationships (unless it’s part of the public record).

On to the primer! :)

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That's all, folks! Hope you've enjoyed this post! Enjoy Yuletide. :)

And feel free to talk to me in the comments! I adore this fandom, as I imagine you've gathered, and am always happy to talk about tennis femslash and/or the WTA in general. It's wonderful. <3


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