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Hello! :) This is my second year participating in FemslashEx, and I’m really excited. I hope you are too! You’re already my new favourite person for volunteering to write one of my ships. If we share one of these ships, you are wonderful & awesome & everything lovely. Please don’t be worried about writing for me – I’m very easy to please and I will be ecstatic for pretty much any fic about one of my ships. <3

First, basics, and then on to the fandoms!

Like list
(I give specific ideas/details for fandoms/ships below, but anything from this list would also be awesome!)
• Basic: Friends-to-lovers, falling in love, comfortable established relationships filled with affection and in-jokes, couples kicking butt together and saving the world/the universe/the day (and then picking up the drycleaning on the way home), people knowing each other really well, banter, emotional support, space!, worldbuilding (some of my favorite questions: how does that thing work? what are its ramifications? what are some things the original canon POV might have overlooked?), politics and diplomacy, running countries, plans, plans that don’t go according to plan, working together and using different strengths.
• In romance: Snark, banter, fond teasing, zaniness, affection laced with humor, snuggling in bed, people in love who enjoy spending time together but aren’t codependent.
• In porn: Kissing, exploring a partner’s body, unexpected erogenous zones, talking during sex, sex that doesn’t go quite right but they run with it and make it awesome anyway, incoherent noises, morning sex, well-developed biceps and shoulders, fingering for the sake of fingering not in preparation for anything else, wall-sex, multiple orgasms, laughter.

Squick list
Basic: Infidelity, bullying of any kind, cruel jokes, noncon, dubcon, incest, bestiality, underage.
In romance: Gaslighting, too much neediness, characters who are in love but don’t seem to really like each other very much, A/B/O.
In porn: Someone kissing their partner after rimming them without washing their mouth out first, bad dirty talk, not checking in on their partner’s comfort and pleasure.

(Final note: I love all of these fandoms and ships. If I have slightly fewer ideas in one section than another, please don’t think it means I want that one less. It’s just late and ideas flow more easily some places than others, lol.)

On to the fandoms!


fandom number one

Doctor Who
Requested Ships: Martha Jones/Donna Noble, Harriet Jones/Original Female Character, Liz Ten/River Song

Martha Jones/Donna Noble

I adore these two. They’re absolutely awesome. I love their personalities, and their humour, and the way they grow over time. Martha and Chantho’s scene in Utopia is still one of my favourites, and Donna’s bravery and sharp-tongued fierceness keep her very close to my heart. I love how they’re both very smart, and how they call the Doctor out when he needs it. I think they’re both absolutely gorgeous, of course, and I love the way they carry themselves and their – if not fearlessness, their willingness to confront what they fear and forge on despite it.

Also, I really loved their relationship on the show. :) They definitely got along, and yes, I ship them desperately, so that’s why I’m asking for them now! Anything with them together is great. The ONLY caveat I’m going to make here is that I’m not interested in a Martha/Donna/Doctor threesome, or even a love triangle. I like the Doctor a lot, and him being a character is grand, but not in the shipping part, please. Just Martha/Donna. :)

I love first-time fic, so if you showed me how they became attracted to each other and got together, that’d be wonderful. Or perhaps once they got together Martha stayed on the TARDIS with Donna & the Doctor and they were a three-person team having adventures together! (Including days on which they went “exploring the TARDIS together” and the Doctor knew not to come a-knockin’.) Or perhaps you want to write an AU in which Martha and Donna never met the Doctor (or one of them didn’t) and they ended up working for Torchwood together and fell in love. Or perhaps you want to write some delicious, steaming-hot porn! It’s all great with me. :) I especially like my porn with a hefty helping of characterisation, so if you do go porny, I’d love to see the bits that make it Donna-and-Martha porn, if that makes sense. :)

Harriet Jones/Original Female Character

Oh gosh, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love Harriet Jones. I just, love her. I completely buy that she was the architect of Britain’s Golden Age (before the Doctor messed that up by deposing her – and yes, I think she was right to do what she did, but we don’t need to get into that).

Who her partner is, that’s really up to you. Is she already married (to another MP, to an artist, to a theatre actress, to a London bus driver)? Does she fall in love with a sarcastic middle-aged House of Commons tour guide as they’re putting the pieces back together after the Slitheen events and she’s on her way to becoming Prime Minister (how does that happen?) After she becomes Prime Minister and starts working with Torchwood to protect the Earth against future attacks, does she meet and fall in love with one of the Torchwood personnel (not anyone on the show Torchwood)?

And whoever she’s with, what does their life look like? If you know the British parliamentary system, feel free to write all about how the knowledge of extraterrestrial life would be folded into the portfolio of Her Majesty’s Government. Or maybe Harriet goes to check up on Rose after World War Three and meets Jackie, and invites her over to her apartment (not 10 Downing Street, it’s been blown up!) to have tea with her and Mrs Harriet.

But really, anything happy and/or plotty and/or worldbuildy about Harriet and Mrs Harriet would be great with me. :) [Or first-time fic!]

(And is it just me, or would Harriet saying “Harriet Jones, Prime Minister” in bed be a turn-on? No? Just me? *slinks away*)

Liz Ten/River Song

Like Harriet after World War Three, I’d love to see how Liz Ten rebuilds after The Beast Below. And how does River play into it? Does she come to do research in Liz Ten’s library? Do they flirt among the stacks?

I love both Liz and River’s personalities (and, uh, am rather attracted to both too). I think they’d work really well together. Whether you want to tell me a story about how they fell in love, or how they went on adventures together, or how they had sex and Liz fell asleep listening to River tell her about archaeology, or how they went on a trip with the Doctor but accidentally left him behind on a planet and had to work together with the TARDIS to save the day and pick him up afterwards, or whether you have another glorious idea – it’s all good. :)


fandom number two

Serrano Legacy - Elizabeth Moon
Requested Ships: Cecelia de Marktos/Heris Serrano

In Hunting Party, the first book in the Serrano Legacy series, the two primary characters are a 40-something ex-military captain named Heris, and an extremely wealthy "old maiden aunt" called Cecelia, in her early eighties. (In this time period, Cecelia is still in shape, athletic, and rides in foxhunts, but is beginning to start to slow down. A little.) Over the remainder of the series, they remain two of the primary characters, although their paths eventually diverge and they aren't in the same places much (they're still very close friends and allies); Cecelia also "rejuvenates" so that her body is 40-something again.

I would love to see a friends-to-lovers story set anytime during the series. It would probably be easiest to set it either during one of the first couple of books or after the series' end, but whenever you wanted to set it would be fine by me. I absolutely adore their friendship and the way they interact together, and I'd love to see them take that friendship to the next level. (If you'd rather write established-relationship, though, I'm fine with that as well!)

I love reading about competent people being competent, and both Cecelia and Heris are quite competent in their own spheres (I love it when they teach each other about their spheres too!) Feel free to bring in as much or as little plot as you like. I'd be as thrilled with a lazy picnic after a long morning ride as I would by a rip-roaring inter-system adventure chasing mutineers.


fandom number three

Tennis RPF
Requested Ships: Serena Williams/Caroline Wozniacki, Agnieszka Radwańska/Caroline Wozniacki, Timea Bacsinszky/Lucie Safarova, Belinda Bencic/Kristina Mladenovic, Eugenie Bouchard/Laura Robson

I know this is a long shot to request, because this fest doesn’t seem to have a lot of RPF and I don’t think anyone’s offered tennis, but just in case, here are my thoughts on tennis. :) [Sorry if this gets long - I requested a lot of different pairings in this fandom and I don't want to ignore any of them!]

I love all of these ships and all of the women I asked for. Serena – what can I say, she’s just the best! I love her on the tennis court, when she dominates, and afterwards, when she twirls on the baseline in joy. I love her relationship with her sister, and I adore how great a friend she’s been to Caro since that douchebag cad jerkface Rory dumped her by phone after their wedding invitations went out. I’d love to see a story where she was being a great friend to Caro, and they ended up falling in love.

I love Aga & Caro and how well they get along together. Aga always seems a bit mischievous, and Caro seems more laidback, so I bet there would be a lot of laughter in a relationship together. I'd love to see a slice of tour life, and how a relationship could work along the rhythms of the tour. What is it like in Aga & Caro's lives, when they're two of the best tennis players out there but Serena keeps winning everything? Do they console each other after losses? (Do they have a funny game/favorite movie that they go to?)

Timea and Lucie are a slightly random pairing - two women who have had surprisingly fantastic results this year. Timea made the semifinals of the French Open (only losing to Serena), and Lucie made the final (again, losing to Serena). They're both shy, but so full of joy. Timea's face when she wins never fails to make my heart pound a little faster! I'd love to see a getting together story for them, or again, a tennis-y fic that sets plot and/or fluff against the daily rhythms of the tour.

Belinda and Kristina are a pair of fun young players. They just played doubles together and won the title in Washington, D.C., which is how I thought of them as a pairing (so many cute pictures of them together on social media!) Belinda is 18 years old and a breakout star - she just won Toronto by beating six Slam finalists/champions in a row, including Serena. Kristina is 22, and although she hasn't yet really had a breakout singles performance, she's won two Slams in mixed doubles and reached the Wimbledon final in regular doubles. They both seem quite giggly and fun and young. Again, I'd love to see anything featuring their relationship; light-hearted plot and/or fluff is great, but feel free to go any non-angsty direction (is there a mystery in the locker room? do they matchmake their friends? does one of them win a Slam? etc.)

Finally, Genie and Laura were best friends from childhood all through their teenage years, until they had a friendship break-up so Genie could focus on tennis (which hasn't really helped her lately...) I'd love to read about a teenage romance, and/or a getting-back-together story that takes into account Genie's recent slump and Laura's long injury & comeback. You don't need to ignore Genie's rougher edges (like the "refuses to shake opponents' hands before Fed Cup matches" controversy, or her "not here to make friends" mindset), or to erase her past relationships with guys (she's rumored to have slept with a lot of guys on the ATP tour). I'm sure Laura could love her just the way she is. :)

I love tennis. I love the sport, all its nobbly bits and strategy and head-games and breathtaking moments, a good backhand down the line and a fearsome cross-court forehand. I love Sam Stosur's biceps, and Rafa’s back muscles, and Laura's zaniness. I love the umpires, and bad dropshots, and ice-bath pictures with a friend, and underdogs and rivalries, and the sense that most of these athletes are quite good people, on the whole. So if you love tennis too, I’d love a tennis-y-fic with any of the pairings I asked for. :)


fandom number four

Original Work
Requested Ships: Athlete/Rival Athlete, World #1 Athlete/Journeywoman, Athlete in One Sport/Athlete in a Different Sport

I love sports. Like I said in the tennis section, I love the nobbly bits and strategy and head-games and breathtaking moments. I love the muscles and locker-room bonding, umpires and ice-baths, underdogs and rivalries and tempests in teapots. I love competition and fire, and the friendships that flourish in spite of competitive fire.

I’ll take these ingredients in just about any sport. (I don’t really like golf? Though if you do, and you can communicate why it’s so awesome, I’d be willing to give it a shot.)

I don’t really know what to write here. If you read through my general likes and maybe through my other sections, you’ll get a sense of what kind of stories I love. Specifically for this section, I think the pull between an on-court competitiveness and an off-court relationship would be an interesting dynamic. I also love the drive to a goal – for example, World Championships in gymnastics, Wimbledon in tennis, WNBA finals in basketball, etc. – and how that push takes a toll on athletes but can also bring them together.

Athletic sex – especially celebratory athletic sex – is also always a turn-on. Especially if it involves biceps and/or shoulder muscles. Because yes.

Oh, and really, go to town on the sports! Obviously my home sport is tennis, but if you want to write a fic about Olympic weightlifters falling in love across country divides and going out for ice cream? Yes! Swimmers racing each other with sex bets on the line? Go for it! Water polo athletes from competing teams falling into bed with each other to work off the frustration? Basketball players shopping for wedding dresses? Tennis player falling in love with table tennis player? Olympics smut? Anything and everything works. :)

And I really like the dynamics of the ships I requested. Any fic that explored those and what they’d mean for the relationship would be great. (NB: For athlete/rival!athlete, I’d lean more towards the slightly angsty/ “oh god what does this mean for our rivalry”/ “lol everyone thinks we hate each other but we’re boning” ends of the spectrum than towards the hate-sex end of the spectrum.)


I think that’s about it! :) Thank you so much for volunteering to write for one of my ships! I’m really, really excited. I love them all, and I love you for writing for me! <333


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