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Hello! :) This is my first year participating in Trick or Treat, and I’m really excited. I hope you are too! You’re already my new favourite person for volunteering to write or draw one of my characters. If we share one of these characters, you are wonderful & awesome & everything lovely. Please don’t be worried about writing/drawing for me – I’m very easy to please and I will be ecstatic for pretty much any fic/art about one of my characters. <3

First, basics, and then on to the fandoms!

Like list
(I give specific ideas/details for fandoms/ships below, but anything from this list would also be awesome!)
• Basic: Friends-to-lovers, falling in love, comfortable established relationships filled with affection and in-jokes, couples kicking butt together and saving the world/the universe/the day (and then picking up the drycleaning on the way home), people knowing each other really well, banter, emotional support, space!, worldbuilding (some of my favorite questions: how does that thing work? what are its ramifications? what are some things the original canon POV might have overlooked?), politics and diplomacy, running countries, plans, plans that don’t go according to plan, working together and using different strengths.
• In romance: Snark, banter, fond teasing, zaniness, affection laced with humor, snuggling in bed, people in love who enjoy spending time together but aren’t codependent.
• In porn: Kissing, exploring a partner’s body, unexpected erogenous zones, talking during sex, sex that doesn’t go quite right but they run with it and make it awesome anyway, incoherent noises, morning sex, well-developed biceps and shoulders, fingering for the sake of fingering not in preparation for anything else, wall-sex, multiple orgasms, laughter.

Squick list
Basic: Infidelity, bullying of any kind, cruel jokes, noncon, dubcon, incest, bestiality, underage.
In romance: Gaslighting, too much neediness, characters who are in love but don’t seem to really like each other very much, A/B/O.
In porn: Someone kissing their partner after rimming them without washing their mouth out first, bad dirty talk, not checking in on their partner’s comfort and pleasure.



fandom number one

Poirot - Agatha Christie
Requested Character: Felicity Lemon

I want to see the whole Poirot operation from Miss Lemon's point of view! What does she think of her employer? His cases? Hastings? The little grey cells? Poirot's eccentricities with regards to drink/cuisine/etc.?

I would love to read about Miss Lemon solving a mystery on her own. Maybe it's a big mystery that she has to solve because Poirot & Hastings are away on a case, and now there are strange/surreal things happening to a friend of hers. Or maybe it's a small personal mystery, like why after twenty years of not bothering with unimportant things like romance, she suddenly finds herself with a massive crush on the librarian who came to Poirot last month to find her missing brother.

For art, I would love to see Miss Lemon happy as a clam amidst her filing system, or strolling arm in arm with her lady librarian in the park, or looking unamused at Hastings and/or Poirot.

OR you can write/draw anything that takes your fancy. :D


fandom number two

Nero Wolfe - Rex Stout
Requested Character: Fritz Brenner

Just like in Miss Lemon's case, I want to see the Nero Wolfe operation from Fritz's point of view! :D What does he think of Wolfe and Archie and their cases? Either in general, or in a particular case. (I think I've read all the books, and like them all, so pick any one to set a fic/drawing in!)

Somehow I can't see Fritz falling in love, so this should probably be gen. I'd love to read about a day in his life, with his primary job of cooking being interrupted off and on by the folderol in Wolfe's office (and by the occasional need for him to answer the door if Archie's out on business). Or perhaps a five-times fic, with whatever theme you like! (Five times Fritz had to answer the door when Archie was away, and one time Wolfe answered it himself/one time nobody was allowed to answer it? Five times Fritz made phenomenal dinners despite all distractions, and one time he regrettably burned the pudding? Five times Fritz was unflustered by a visitor, and once he lost his cool? SO MANY OPTIONS!)

For art, I would love to see Fritz happily at work in his kitchen, or feeding Wolfe and looking entirely pleased with himself, or looking quizzical at Archie. :D

OR you can write/draw anything that takes your fancy. :D

(sorry, no picture of Fritz, he is a book character!)


fandom number three

Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies)
Requested Character: Gaila

Gaila was one of my favorite parts of the AOS. I love the fanon that has grown up around her. (If you don't, that's okay! I'm fine with going just on what we see in the movie.)

I would love to read/see art about Gaila at the Academy. Whether you focus on her relationship with Uhura (what was their first meeting like? five times Uhura didn't understand Gaila, and one time she did? five times Uhura was studying too hard for Gaila's liking, and one time they had a holiday picnic? what does Gaila think of Uhura's relationship with Spock? or would you like to explore a relationship between Gaila and Uhura instead? how Gaila learned about the human body, and put her knowledge to good use?), or on her studies (what does she want to learn? how does she deal with cultural differences and misunderstandings? what does she excel at? what does Spock think of her? what research project might she be working on with Uhura?), I just LOVE Academy fic, and combining Academy fic with Gaila!fic would make me a very happy camper indeed. :D

Or maybe you want to write about Gaila on the Enterprise during a mission! I would love to see her interacting with any of the regular crew. Gen only, please, unless it's with Uhura or a fling in the background (e.g., a lady/dude in her bed when she wakes up on the day the supernatural entity tries to take over the ship's computers). Gaila liking sex and being adventurous isn't a problem, but if there's going to be an actual relationship taking up a lot of fic-space, Gaila/Uhura is my one "committed relationship" ship for Gaila. Totally fine to be gen if you don't ship Gaila/Uhura. I would LOVE a fic with Gaila working with Scotty to solve a problem in Engineering, for instance. Or a fic about the time that Gaila noticed that Kirk was about to commit a huge diplomatic faux pas and distracted everyone by (spoilers).

Art: Gaila intent on the engineering problem she's fixing, or Gaila and Uhura kissing, or Gaila cross-legged on her bed studying for a test, or Gaila and Uhura having a picnic, or Gaila asking Spock a question after class, or Gaila grinning, or Gaila painting (I don't know why I think Gaila paints, but I think she does!)

OR you can write/draw anything that takes your fancy. :D


fandom number four

Tennis RPF
Requested Characters: Thanasi Kokkinakis, Stanislas Wawrinka, Serena Williams, Samantha Stosur, Gael Monfils, Andy Murray

Okay, this is a lot of people, haha, so let me try to give prompts that will mostly apply to everybody, rather than splitting them all out and having a letter that's 10000 words long.

Tennis! I like tennis a lot. I love the sport, all its nobbly bits and strategy and head-games and breathtaking moments, a good backhand down the line and a fearsome cross-court forehand. I love Sam Stosur's biceps, and Rafa Nadal’s back muscles, and Laura Robson's zaniness. I love the umpires, and bad dropshots, and ice-bath pictures with a friend, and underdogs and rivalries, and the sense that most of these athletes are pretty decent people, on the whole.

Things I would be interested in reading/seeing art for, in no particular order:
** A character plays doubles (either with another requested character or one of your choice) and there's a lot of laughter and banter.
** A slice of tour life, and how a relationship with another player (either friendship or romantic) would fit into the rhythms of the tour; the pull between on-court competitiveness and off-court closeness.
** Strength and athleticism in bed as a major turn-on, especially for women. [NB: Femslash for Sam & Serena, please, though not necessarily with each other (you can pick their partner); for the guys I usually lean slashy, but don't mind het if you want to write Kokkinakis/Bencic or something.]
** Teenage romances on tour (18+, and please no big age gaps - I know Stan & Donna are together, but I don't want to read fic about that.)
** Locker-room pranks, shenanigans, tricks, goofing-off, etc.
** Rivals having to figure out what it means that they keep falling into bed together.
** Getting walked in on by another player (whether kissing in the locker room, or having a hotel roommate come home early & walk in on more involved activities).
** Bets made on matches - not monetary, but forfeits (if gen) or sex bets (if romantic).
** How did a couple first get together?
** Coming-out fic (to friends, to the tour, to the public, whatever level)
** Five-times fic (five times x lost to y, and one time he won; five times c caught herself staring at d, and one time she let d see her looking; five times k pranked l, and one time l got her own back; five times r & s got interrupted before they got around to having sex, and one time they weren't; etc.) I am a sucker for this format. The different times can be quite short vignettes if you like.
** Something supernatural/spooky! I'm not into hardcore stuff, but I like spooky. Maybe as part of a prank? Or maybe you want to write about a tour in which lots of players are vampires! Or maybe a ghost gives a player advice.

Art: One player waiting for another after practice. A player challenging an umpire, hands on hips. A prank in action. A player balancing tennis balls on their racquet while laughing at their doubles partner. A player on the way to the showers, a towel wrapped around their hips (or around their midsection if a woman). Any players kissing/smiling at each other.

Final note: For this fandom only, although my requested characters are my faves, I'm also happy to read/see art for pretty much anyone else. The only exceptions are the Big Four - they get quite enough attention already, so I'm burned out on them. Oh, and racists/homophobes (Stakhovsky, Dolgopolov, Tipsarevic). Other than that, go as rare as you like! Any WTA player, any ATP player not in the Big 3/not a racist or homophobe. Feel free to surprise me! :D


I think that’s about it! :) Thank you so much for volunteering to write or draw for one of my ships! I’m really, really excited. I love them all, and I love you for writing/drawing for me! <333


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