Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Stan and his Frenchies!

So, you all know already how I feel about the Stan/Benoît ship. It’s what got me into writing tennis fic in the first place; I will always and forever love it tremendously, write it, and read each and every fic that everyone writes in it.

But at the same time, I’m totally not an OTP-er, and Stan is pretty much my fandom bicycle. (Along with Rafa.) I’ll read him shipped with anyone! (I take that back. Not Nick Kyrgios or Donna Vekic, for diverse reasons.) He’s so friendly with almost everyone on tour, and has such flirty touchy-feely banter with people, that how can you not have ship-goggles when you see him?

(See for example: Roger & Stan’s celebrations after winning Olympics doubles gold and the Davis Cup title (and just them in general). Novak pinching Stan’s butt as he passed Stan during an interview (and other bromantic moments, as well as Stan teasing him by giving him a mini version of the famous shorts). Stan absolutely hosing Ferru down with champagne after a final they played against each other. Stan’s constant smiley flirty banter with French-speaking umpires. Stan cuddling Seve and dipping him in a dramatic hug after Davis Cup. All the horsing around and intimate looks and hilarious moments and cuddles and celebratory hugs he and Magnus do. ETC.)

SOOOO. I recently donated in the Fight Back Fic auction, and decided to ask for a fic of either Stan/Jo or Stan/Gaël. Since they’re such rarepairs, my writer asked for me to talk a bit about their relationships, and thus this squee post/ship primer was born! :)

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